Feeling down, and oh so blue 
Got another five oh two. 

Pleaded down to a reckless wet, 
To A.A. meetings the judge said get.

Filled with irritability and discontent, 
I’ve got this card to prove I went. 

Just bad luck was what it was, 
And I will tell you why, because...

Were not the cop from the Dunkins leaving 
He never would have seen me weaving. 

Really, I was driving home just fine, 
And I only blew a point oh nine!

On myself this sentence I did bring,
Now I’ve got to do this A.A. thing. 

Off to a meeting I now go, 
Sure hope that I see no one I know!

A church! Oh no, not if I had my say, 
No way they’re going to make me pray! 

Just here to get the damn card signed, 
Hope I find someone tall to sit behind.

Heard my story told, not once, but twice, 
And that guy Joe seemed very nice. 

Told me to call if what he has I seek.
I hope to meet him there again next week!

~ Blaine H.

From the San Diego AA Coordinator, January, 2020