from the San Diego AA Coordinator, February, 2020

Thinking of everything I’ve loved, lost and left behind, 

span over the years, tears and fears, 

thinking I had 20/20 vision when really, 

I was blind.

The dark cold day would finally come 

through a gift of desperation I would begin to see, 

there was always something watching over me, 

and if I had a willingness to just start, 

there’s a book to help me see my part, 

and if I read it, plant a seed, 

that if I continue it will lead, 

to a new way of life, 

so I can see with this new 20/20 vision ahead of me, 

how things should be, 

so I can leave that old life behind, 

and no longer have to stumble around blind.

John W.