from the San Diego AA Coordinator, March, 2020

Selfishness, Self-centeredness, the root of all our flaws.
When first I heard those simple words, it really gave me pause.

Could this be the answer to, the troubles of my past?
Removing all the guilt and shame, my conscience had amassed. 

Unselfishness was not a word; my EGO could embrace.
For it was much more satisfied, when I lived in disgrace.

When in the clutch of my disease, I really had no choice.
But in the comfort of A.A, I heard God’s loving voice.

He had me check my motives for, my habits and my deeds.
And redirect my thoughts to meeting, other people’s needs.

As I adopted this approach, not looking for approval.
Joy filled that dark and guilty space, left after their removal.

Unselfish motives are the seeds. that spawn this loving tree.
The fruit of which brings happiness, to both them and me.

These things could not have happened, when my EGO had control.
It was my choice to summon up, my Conscience for that role.

Unselfishness has been the answer, to a life of grief.
The more I put it into play, the more I get relief. 

It’s my Conscience now that monitors, my motives at their roots.
The result has been a healthy tree, and I enjoy the fruits.

Rick R.