from the San Diego AA Coordinator, June 2020

As alcoholics (I am assuming that this newsletter does not have a large normie following), we are the victims of a progressive and ultimately fatal illness for which medical science has yet to find a cure. The agent involved in this disorder is a simple molecule made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms which, in the hands of the alcoholic, is a killer.

However, there is way to achieve remission in this disorder and that is through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, which teaches us that there is a spiritual solution achieved through the Twelve Steps. Other parts of the solution involve gathering in groups with others who share our disease and reaching out our hands, both physically and metaphorically, to others who are similarly afflicted, but are unaware of the existence of the solution we have found.

Currently the world is in the grip of another illness which is also progressive and can be fatal to many. In a few short months COVID-19 has spread to 212 countries, aflicting more than 4,000,000 individuals, and kiling nearly 300,000 as of this writing.

While this coronavirus virus particle is larger than yhe ethanol molecule, it is still quite small, visible only by the electron microscope. It is unable to “live” on its own but must attach itself to a host cell to reproduce. Unlike alcoholism, it might be possible to acquire this disease from a toilet seat, particularly if the practicing alcoholic were to spend time, as we say, “worshiping the porcelain fixture.”

Like alcoholism, medical science has yet to find a cure for this illness, and alas, there does not appear to be a spiritual solution…yet.

How do we avoid falling victim to COVID-19? We must do exactly the opposite as what we are taught regarding alcoholism! We cannot gather in groups and certainly not reach out and take the hand of a newcomer, as we must maintain a six-foot separation from them. We cannot even offer a friendly smile as we must always remain masked.

It appears that we are powerless over the virus. Our only hope is to recoil from it as we would from a hot flame! It is most probable however that those of us who follow the few simple suggestions offered to us by our COVID sponsors (the medical experts) will survive the current danger and be able to continue to practice the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in all our affairs.

A little patience and tolerance can go a long way. Down with COVID! Long live A.A.! Thank God for Zoom!

Blaine H.