from the San Diego AA Coordinator, July 2020

To be a drunk is bad enough, 
Now we must deal with viral stuff!

And guard against the fatal slip,
As COVID devours our Fellowship.

For our group is just an empty room.
And we can only see our friends on Zoom. 

But on the negative we should not dwell. 
Can good come of this? Do tell.

Say one is a slave to that filthy habit, 
Can’t wait to open a pack and grab it! 

Just puff away, we are not joking,
All of our meetings now are smoking!

Are you one who would never frown
To zoom to Dagmar in a black nightgown? 

Or for fantasies of other sorts,
Perhaps it’s Brian in his biker shorts!

For the miser, this is truly heaven
That we no longer pass tradition seven. 

For him a word of caution though, 
Won’t be long before we have Venmo!

Yes, from lemons we’ll make lemonade, 
Til farewell from COVID we will bade. 

And continue to do what we’re about, 
Keeping the hand of A.A. out!

Blaine H.