from the April 1992 AA San Diego Coordinator

Sure the meetings are important. Sure, reading the Big Book is important. Sure, getting a sponsor is important.

But, what the old-timers told me was that most important of all is how I live in between the meetings They said it’s easy to be a nice guy at meetings but how do I act at home? How do I treat my wife and kids? How do I act at work?

They said the spiritual life is no theory; I have to live it. And that means practicing the principles of AA in all my affairs.

What an order! I don’t know if I can go through with it. But, fortunately the old-timers added that Step 12 says we try to practice the principles in all our affairs, which leaves me a loophole. All I have to do then, is to try and leave the results up to my Higher Power.

These old-timers insisted that even though I feel much better when I go to a meeting, this is not enough. Sobriety, they said, had very little to do with feelings. They said action is the magic word and the action that really counts takes place between meetings.

They said the 12 Steps are a plan for living, not just for discussion. They suggested I learn to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Only by trying to carry the message and trying to practice the prin- ciples can I grow in sobriety and enjoy the Promises.

~ Anonymous