from the November 1995 AA San Diego Coordinator

I drank my share of beer and wine, 
and your share too I think. 
I dug a hole of miseries, 
into which I'd sink. 

My life was filled with lies you see, 
the kind that hurt me most.
Trying to be someone other than me, 
and never coming close. 

The person that hid within me, 
is quite a sight to see.
He is a man of feelings,
He's the man I'm supposed to be. 

With love and support from others,
to guide me through each day. 
The man that hid within me, 
will see the light of day. 

Remember the hole of miseries, 
I dug so deep and wide. 
A place so dark and dreary, 
an easy place to hide. 

Today it's very shallow, 
filled by my neglect. 
Today I don't use it,
I've found my self-respect. 

~ Bill S.