One of Those Letters That Are Every Sponsor’s Nightmare

from the April 1992 AA San Diego Coordinator

Dear Alan,

Sorry that I haven’t had time to write, but I’ve been real busy lately. I wanted to be sure to let you know that I’ve been doing great since I moved up here and all is going as planned. How are you and the members of the group doing? What a bunch of nice fellows they are. 

I want you to know I really appreciate all the help you gave me as my A. A. sponsor. Everything in my life has really come together the last two years. A new car, new job, and Mary, my wonderful new wife. Wow! She’s really an angel! I don’t know how I can ever thank you. 

The meetings up here aren’t very good, not like San Diego, so I joined a bowling league and bowl 3 times a week now. 

I hope you don’t get too upset at this, but I discovered that I’m not an alcoholic.  1989 must have been a bad year for me, I guess. A few weeks ago I had a few beers with the guys on the bowling team after a big win. No problem! I have a few every now and then and no big deal. 

Tonight I showed the bartender at the alley how to make margaritas southern Calif. style, and everybody absolutely loved them! He did a pretty good job, but when I got home tonight I made a “real” pitcher of them and next time I’ll show him how to get it just right. 

I have been wanting to write you so tonight I am tonight. 

I just took time out to mix Up a another pitcher an bought it back with me so I’d have it here beside me while I write to you to tell you what you might Need to know. Jeez! these puppys are tasty#. 

Hey, are you sure you sure your not going to tell anybody els My forth step stuff I allmost finished & show you a few pages of??

Well, Don’t!! I tristedyou!!!! I don’t know whaat in the heel that had to do with it annyway And sum of those dumm jerks in the meetings wer sofull of P.S. too! Big-moth Know-it-als!!

I’ll be dambed if I got anything in commune with them but your diferent old pal,, you undurstand me better of my freinds of all thier.  I reely luv you pal. I hoppe you are dong fine and good “one-day-at-timme”. Getit? Hahaha. . ……

Gotta go now- that nag wife of mime is yelping ping at me to tak out the traash soi’m geting the hEll outof here to see if sum of the team is aat the (alley-bar going to or a nite=cap anda get aaway from thiis nagggin cow tonihgt.. 

i’ll right too youu agan soon.

~ Richard