from the October 1992 San Diego A.A. Coordinator

Nothing tweaks a newcomer’s ear quicker than our A.A. slogans. At first they may seems trite or simple. But our slogans help us wrap big things in packages we can carry. They help us see through complexities to the basics.

Think of A.A. sayings as tricks we use to “keep it simple.” When acted on, these tricks become treats that help us focus on what matters in recovery. We can help ourselves to any one of these treats — just by carrying it into action.

Serenity Isn’t Freedom from The Storm, It’s Peace Within The Storm

Some Things Have to be Believed to be Seen

Today is the Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday

Minds Are Like Parachutes: They Won’t Work Unless They’re Open

Fear is The Darkroom Where Negatives are Developed

It’s Alcoholism, Not Alcoholwasm!

No One is Too Dumb for The A.A. Program But A Few Are Too Smart

When nothing in my world seems to measure up, is there something wrong with the yardstick?

When the program doesn’t seem to work, am I still negotiating the terms of my surrender?

If you turn it over and don’t let go of it, you’ll get it upside down.

Be part of the solution, not the problem

Sponsors: have one – use one – Be one!

Yesterday is gone. Forget it. Tomorrow never comes, don’t worry; today is here, get busy.

This Too Shall Pass

If Faith Without Works Is Dead, Then Willingness Without Action Is Fantasy.

My Sponsor Taught Me That I’m Not the Con Man — I’m The Mark

Anonymity Is So Important It’s Half of Our Name

We’re Not Human Beings Having Spiritual Experiences. We’re Spiritual Beings Having Human Experiences.

God Gave Us Two Ears but Only One Mouth. Some People Say That’s Because He Wanted Us to Spend Twice as Much Time Listening as Talking. Others Claim It’s Because He Knew Listening Was Twice as Hard as Talking.

Have A Good Day Unless You’ve Made Other Plans.

Change Is Inevitable. Misery Is Optional.

Fear Stands For: Frustration, Ego, Anxiety, Resentment

When All Else Fails Follow Directions.

EGO = Edge God Out

H.A.L.T.– Don’t Get Too Hungry…Angry…Lonely…Tired

Never Miss A Good Chance To Shut Up

Trying To Pray Is Praying

I Thought That Easy Does It Was Counting to Ten Before Hitting Someone.

We’re Responsible for The Effort Not The Outcome

We Came to A.A. To Stop Drinking. What We Found Was a Way to Start Living.

Hope Is The Feeling You Have That The Feeling You Have Isn’t Permanent.

A Little Kid Will Take Your Hand and Enjoy Whatever Happens. How Did I Get from Being That Little Kid to Believing That I Was The Chairman Of The Universe?

Experience Is What You Get When You Don’t Get What You Want.

Nobody Act Big. Nobody Act Small. Everybody Act Medium.

We’re All Here Because We’re Not All There.

Anger Is but One Letter Away from Danger.

It’s A Pity We Can’t Forget Our Troubles the Same Way We Forget Our Blessings.

One Drink Is Too Many and A Thousand Not Enough.

Faith Is Spelled A-C-T-I-O-N

God Won’t Give Me More Today Than I Can Handle, But He Didn’t Count on Me Piling on Yesterday and Tomorrow.

We Can Act Ourselves into Right Thinking Easier Than We Can Think Ourselves into Right Acting.