from the June 1996 San Diego A.A. Coordinator Newsletter

When I was about five or six the doll under the tree
made me smile with sweet delight -- a present from mommy

When I became a teenage girl a blue bike was all the fad
hidden slyly in the basement room -- happy birthday from my dad

Then into my 20's and 30's everything from clothes to pearls
on special days and just for love -- from my pretty little girls

At 44, hidden in a book, a Hawaii trip to golden sand
on Christmas day of ‘95 -- from a very special man.

But in this past year not wrapped or hidden something has been given to me
and that has been the greatest gift of all the gift of sobriety.

I truly treasure this wonderful present and it's not fashionable or mod
but it means a brand-new life for me and it's a gift that came from God.

– Beverly L., San Diego