from the August 1996 San Diego A.A. Coordinator Newsletter

Life used to revolve around my connections. They were cultivated in every town, city, or state I lived in. See, I’m an addict and an alcoholic.

I didn’t start that way. I was born a child of God, like all of us. He never left me. I left him. I decided I could handle my fears, pain, and frustration alone. Well, I was wrong.

I didn’t realize this in a few days or weeks; no, it took years. I did things I was ashamed of, and hurt all the people who loved me. Yes, all of them. Mostly I hurt myself.

Finally, I found myself on the floor of my feelings. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality bankrupt. That’s what drugs and alcohol do to people.

Desperate, I entered treatment. There, I was given an opportunity to heal. I was nourished and loved by perfect strangers. I was told I had a disease that would never go away, and I would need help to combat it, one day at a time, for the rest of my life.

Despite the fear, I realized I’d been given The Great Connection. My connection now is a Higher Power I call God. I don’t blame anyone now for getting so lost. I did that all by myself.

If you don’t know a higher power or you’ve shut his love out of your life, find The Great Connection, and feel loved.

– Barbara S., Chula Vista